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From heat pumps to boilers to furnaces, ductless mini splits, and dual fuel systems, Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service is the key to winter comfort across the Huntington, Ashland, and Ironton areas. We are the team to go for if you are looking for experienced professionals to help solve your heating system problems. We have a dedicated team of heating experts ready to work on your home and ensure its heating system runs appropriately.

Our Dedicated Heating Services

It goes without saying that the heating system is one of the most essential components in your home. If anything happens to the heating system, conditions will become unbearable. This is why you should schedule regular maintenance checks with us and have our professionals examine the system’s functioning.

At Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service, we have trusted professionals that can optimize heating systems’ performance and keep them in excellent condition. As an established and reliable HVAC company, our NATE-certified technicians have what it takes to deliver the best heating services. They are regularly updated on the latest heating system trends, extensively trained, and strictly adhere to service protocols. We are more than just an HVAC company, as we go beyond our ways to ensure your heating system is functioning efficiently.

At Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service, we inspect all aspects of your heating system, perform expert troubleshooting, and provide a thorough cleaning that protects the system against malfunctions. This service also protects against elevated sound levels, degraded air quality, possible hazardous situations, excessive energy use, and diminished comfort. Our services will leave your home as comfortable as possible, with the heating system functioning as optimally as it should.

With many years of experience in the bag, Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service is committed to higher standards of excellence in the HVAC industry. When our esteemed residential and commercial customers across the Tri-state area come to us for heating services, we have highly qualified, courteous, and skilled professionals that leave them satisfied. We answer all your heating problems in Huntington, Ashland, and Ironton!

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Did you know that a simple build-up of dust and dirt causes over 90% of heating system failures? An accumulation of only 0.042 inches of dust on the heating coil can affect the heating system’s efficiency by around 25%. This makes your home very uncomfortable and could increase the cost of energy. When contaminants collect on the heating system’s fan, they can reduce CFM by around 50%. This increases the risk of cracks in heat exchangers, which could cause catastrophic fires.

With such severe risks, it is crucial to have regular heating service from Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service. Our professionals will check to ensure that there is no accumulation of does; if there is any, they will remove it carefully.

We check and fix the system to ensure maximum airflow is restored and guarantee safety, energy efficiency, and low operational costs. All this is achieved without compromising the comfort of your home.

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If you have any problems with your heating system, call Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service today. We take the necessary time and precautions to deliver high-quality services that reward your investment. We will not leave your home or office until we deliver exceptional services. Our ever dependable and trusted services are what make us the top heating service provider in Huntington, Ashland, and Ironton. We are only a phone call away; get in touch with us today.