Repair, Installation, and Maintenance of Heat Pumps


Repair, Installation, and Maintenance of Heat Pumps for homes and businesses in and around Ashland, KY

If there is a problem with your heat pump, you will want it repaired as soon as possible. Heat pumps are integral to your home’s comfort, and any defects they develop could have a significant impact. At Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service, we are ready to fix your heat pump problems immediately. You don’t need expert knowledge to tell whether your heat pump has a problem — anytime it is not working as it should, there is a problem.

Common heat pump problems involve the system being stuck in one mode. In that case, it won’t cool or heat, making your home uncomfortable. Other signs that tell you have a faulty heat pump include foul smells, loud noises, escalating utility bills, and significantly poor airflow. If you notice any of these signs, you will need heat pump repair or heat pump maintenance services. Get in touch with us to access efficient and reliable heat pump repair services that will restore your heat pump’s functionality.

Heat Pump Installation Services in Huntington, Ashland, and Ironton

Is your current HVAC system near the end of its service? If so, a new heat pump installation is an ideal replacement option for the affected system. With a newly installed heat pump, you will have one unit that supplies cooling and heating. This is beneficial because it saves you money on energy bills and other operational costs. Heat pumps are an efficient way of keeping your home in excellent condition thanks to their affordability. Heat pumps have a highly rated efficiency of 300% compared to furnaces.

Therefore, if you are looking for a more efficient energy solution in your home, get in touch with us for heat pump installation. Before we install the heat pump, we perform a full load calculation to ensure that the heat pump is ideal for your home. This is vital because heat pumps must be properly sized to deliver ideal results. Our heat pump experts have many years of experience working with these systems and know what it takes to fix them. We guarantee a safe and efficient heat pump installation without causing any damage to your home. We have the tools and personnel to get it done.

It is vital to note that some heat pump systems might be too old or sketchy for repairs. Trying to repair such systems is not recommended because they will not last long without developing another problem. Instead, a new heat pump installation is a better option. We will install a new pump that restores normalcy in your home and helps save on energy bills. Our Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service professionals will deliver reliable and efficient installation services that will last for many years.

Maintenance and Repair Services for Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are designed to be durable and could last for close to two decades. Units that last long need constant and regular maintenance to maintain their good condition. If you want your heat pump to last for years, regular maintenance is key. Heat pump tune-ups and repairs go a long way in reducing breakdowns and unnecessary system failures. Besides, heat pump maintenance ensures that your home is as comfortable as possible and saves you money on utility bills.

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If you are looking for reliable, affordable, and efficient heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services, Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning and Electrical Service is here to help. We have an experienced team of experts that have what it takes to get your heat pump working again. Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment.